More than a Better Wall...It's a Better Way.

WGN Thermal, LLC’s mission is to deliver cost savings and long-term performance benefits through its tekR Structural Thermal Envelope System and other, high performance, thermal envelope products. 

tekR allows cost and performance benefits that no other wall system can offer. We work closely with our corporate customers to deliver capital cost savings, revenue acceleration, and reduced long-term operating costs.

The patented tekR Structural Thermal Envelope System has been utilized on over 600 projects, in a wide range of applications, throughout North America.

Revenue streams are accelerated through significantly shorter construction schedules.

Capital Costs savings are achieved through lower installed wall cost and reduced HVAC requirements.

Operating Costs are lowered dramatically by tekR’s proven energy performance over the entire life of the building. 

Sustainability is enhanced by tekR’s energy performance, recyclable materials, and zero job site waste. 

Our collaborative working relationship with customers also affords other unique benefits, including; buying direct, assuring a project’s branding identity is preserved and managing multi-site programs on time and on budget.

We pride ourselves on providing strong customer support that continues throughout your development program; from value-engineering and permitting support, through on-site builder training.