Gate Petroleum Convenience Stores

Eleven years ago, Gate switched from CMU to a steel frame with tekR walls.  tekR worked closely with Gate Petroleum and its design team to optimize our panel package and maintain the signature look of their store designs.


Shortened Construction Schedule:

Speed of construction was a major factor when Gate decided to utilize tekR for its new stores. Using tekR they are able to complete the walls store in about two shifts. Since wall installation is always on the critical path constructing a building every day saved equates to an extra day of revenue.

The tekR system installs ten times faster than typical masonry construction and five times faster than conventional steel stud construction. All openings are factory cut to allow rapid installation and the elimination certain downstream subs.


Finish application:

Gate utilizes acrylic stucco systems on a significant portion of its exterior wall area. The tekR panel is designed to allow these finishes to be directly applied to our graphite styrene surface, saving even more time and money.


Corporate Account:

By purchasing directly Gate is assured of the lowest possible panel cost, consistently high quality, and strong customer service. tekR personnel are on site to train any new builder that joins their builder network assuring quick installation is achieved from their very first project.


“tekR has allowed us to reduce the construction time it takes to open a new store by 30 days compared to our former conventionally built stores, allowing Gate to generate revenue much quicker. Simple installation and light weight helps to lower safety risks. The quality and durability of the product is consistent and we can now overlap trades. Combining these advantages with tekR’s superior energy performance and strong customer support it gives Gate Petroleum a winning formula and a strong value proposition.” said Mike Junk, Manager of Construction, Gate Petroleum Company.