Norton Sound Regional Hospital


A number of factors converged to make tekR the clear choice: extreme thermal environment, aggressive construction schedule, high labor costs. Funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment, this 144,000 sq-ft, three-story, steel-frame structure is built on steel frost pilings through the permafrost. The design required a 4’ airspace between the building soffit and the gravel pad.

Speed of Construction:

The tekR system installs in less than half the time of conventional steel studs, insulation, and structural sheathing. All openings are factory cut to allow a crew of four to install nearly 1,000 sq-ft of wall per hour. Speed of installation, requiring limited skilled labor, reduced labor costs significantly.

Energy Efficient:

Nome Alaska’s environment is about as extreme as it gets. Couple that with an elevated structure; the thermal challenges multiply.

"tekR33 panels were selected for the new Norton Sound Regional Hospital for speed of installation and lack of thermal bridging; both important factors in this sub-arctic location where temperatures can reach -30 degrees F. tekR33 was just the product we were looking for!”
Kumin Architects