tekR Panel Specifications

PANEL: tekR panels are fully insulated with a structural steel core and can be easily installed on any building. The panels provide the structural capacity of the wall and act as a substrate for the attachment of a variety of interior and exterior finishes.

DESIGN: The patented design utilizes a corrugated galvanized steel core. Thermal bridging is eliminated by embedding this structure in graphite polystyrene (GPS), using a specialized molding process. tekR panels are designed and tested in accordance with AISI Specification for Design of Cold-Formed Member.

TECHNICAL DATA: tekR are tested and designed in accordance with ASTM E592, ASTM E72, ASTM E90, ASTM E96

FINISHES: Any standard exterior finishing materials can be used with tekR panels and fastened to the steel core or optional connection components.

THERMAL PERFORMANCE: Thermal performance of tekR panels is described as follows:

• tekR30 (6 inch/152 mm)

• tekR40 (8 inch/203 mm)

• tekR50(10 inch/254 mm)

• tekR60(12 inch/305 mm)

Panel Thickness R-value (°F-ft2-hr/Blu) at 40°

FIRE TESTING: Assemblies with tekR wall panels have successfully passed the following tests:

• UL 263/ ASTM El 99 Fire Tests of Building Construction Materials for One and Two Hour Durations (UL No. U653)

• UBC 26-9/NFPA 285 Flame Spread Using Intermediate Scale Multistory Apparatus

• UBC 26-3 Room Corner Test for Interior of Foam Plastics

Additional specifications and test reports available upon request.